Who says you can never be royals?

Friends, Romans, countrypeeps: It has been said that “we live in interesting times”. In the case of this house, truer words have never been spoken. We have a legitimate downtown palace for sale, guys.

You want to be the king or queen of your own castle extraordinaire? Sit down on your throne, adjust your crown jewels and have a look at this:

T-H-I-R-T-Y glorious feet of frontage on Givins Street. Of all places. One of the best streets in the kingdom between the Ossington Strip and Trinity Bellwoods Park. And for the horse dawn carriage? A 3-car garage. Heated. Natch.
You want more?
A 3rd floor master suite that easily beats what you thought was the best master suite you ever saw. For the snowy winters? A sauna (my own personal kryptonite). For balmy summer nights? A terrace. For watching the changing of the guard on a rainy day? There’s a den up there. A private, go away from everybody else in your house and read a book in an actual reading nook/den. Or maybe you meditate in there. Or polish your sceptre. The 2nd floor: more enormous bedrooms and bathrooms, all beautifully appointed in case you need to host heads-of-state or your in-laws. The main floor has a spectacular porcelain feature wall and a fancy Marana (read: so so fancy) kitchen. There’s even a built-in office nook in there. So that you can work on your uh, coronation speeches and such. The kitchen opens up to the backyard. WITH a pond. Fun for the corgis…
The jewel in this crown? A basement apartment fit for the best tenants in the universe.

Signing off now…I remain your loyal subject…

Listing is here *link only active for two weeks after I post this
Pics are here
Virtual tour here


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Flipping 2016 the royal bird. This place will make 2017 reign.