New Skype Emoticons Are Ugly and Creepy

New Skype Emoticons
New Skype Emoticons

Skype™, the popular real-time peer-to-peer chatting, calling, and video-conferencing software, has changed its emoticon design in version 5.5. This is an interesting choice, seeing as this move has historically never brought anything good to any chat provider, except perhaps when ICQ changed its smileys sometime around version 4, and there was the option to keep using the old ones.

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The emoticons are so called because they indeed have to do with emotions. When we can’t be with our friends and family, we use chat to represent our feelings and sentiments using little familiar images. Using emoticons, you can sometimes talk without words and share your joy, worry, love, tiredness, or happiness easily with. And share we did — we associated many happy memories with the cutesy, yellow smiley faces of Skype™.

So why would Skype™ do this to us, its users? Why change what’s already great and well loved? Why change the signature sauce of the best restaurant in town?

Of course, doesn’t know what insane marketing decision led the Skype™ team to carry out such a brutal action without even giving Skype users the opportunity to choose. Do you know of anyone who even likes the new set of smileys? Are they supposed to be trendier and appear more realistic and 3D? Does anyone even care for that kind of trendiness?

We think that the biggest issue lies in the fact that some of the smileys now represent different emotions than what we were used to. Take, for example, the tongue-out smiley, the worried smiley, or even the waving smiley. They are just not as cute in the new set, don’t you think?

Let us know in the comments why you loved the old emoticons, and speak up if you want them back! (facepalm)

How do you feel about this change – do you love it or do you still hate it, even after all this time? We have decided to discover what’s the WORST EMOTICON of them all!

How can you participate? Check out our I ❤ TORONTO Facebook page application and vote. The results for the most terrible emoticon will be published on February 1st!

17 Responses

  1. Abnehmen

    Okay, hit me but I like the new emoticons :)

    • I respect your taste, Abnehmen, but maybe you simply don’t have as many pleasant memories with the cutesy old ones, you know.

      Don’t get me wrong – I don’t hate all of the new ones, but you have to agree that the 😛 tongue smiley is absolutely inferior to its predecessor. Not to speak of my favourite (wasntme)

  2. Nick

    Indeed, the new emoticons are ugly. They’re more aggressive and stupid with their Neanderthaloid forehead, small eyes and fleshy mouth. I think it wasn’t a good idea at all to change them, and we need to find a way to persuade the Skype team to change the old ones back

  3. Kristina

    I really don’t like the new ones! Why would they change something so perfect as the old smileys! Any way to convince them to change them back?

    • Kristina, let’s get 100 replies on this article and then send it to Skype :) Maybe that will churn the waters a little, what do you think?

  4. Toby

    Nobody has ever found a way to persuade Skype to bring back anything. Not even the compact view mode that people missed so much during 4 beta. They have since offered the classic “compact view” mode, true, but now they’re trying to sneak in some features of the ugly full screen window, using pop ups (Home window) that can’t be disabled.

    Skype is stubborn and doesn’t give anything about their customers’ opinions. The missing option to contact them directly for support or feedback is a clear sign of this attitude. Only if they lose market share will they wake up. But then again they now belong to Microsoft. So maybe they don’t even care about that anymore.

    • Toby, you are right, unfortunately. I still prefer the ‘windowed’ mode but I know that lost functionality always hurts, especially if you are a ‘techy’ kind of person who wants the latest and best in town.

      You know, Microsoft may surprise us and persuade Skype to implement a direct feedback system. MS is known for investing into direct support, pro forums, and similar tools, after all.

      Maybe if we can get a hundred votes on this article, we can send a link to Skype to show them what their (often paying) users think.

  5. Matt

    I specifically hunted the internet to find this forum to vent.. the new skype smileys .. AWFUL ..
    Why is big smile : D laughing sarcastically at people??
    Why is regular smile : ) got an extra thick black line for a mouth and doing creepy smirks??
    Its ruining my interaction with people because I dont want to give out creepy smiles.

  6. Rūta

    Well, ok, new smileys made me surprised, not unhappy. I’d say, there’s no difference for me, but some ones I really liked in older design. (inlove), (rain), (music)… but I DO LOVE (devil) :) Now it really describes my mood when I feel like that.

    Umm, by the way… Can anybody tell me how to display ‘Black cat’ smiley? Once I hit my keyboard and didn’t paid attention what keys I hit. And later I deleted that message… :/ I cannot find anywhere that smiley, but I saw it… and my friend saw it. She asked how I made it, but I couldn’t answer.. And because I am A VERY BIG CAT LOVER, I’d like to re-find out how/if it’s possible to make this smiley. Thanks

  7. MostRandomNameEver

    Lets all just boycott the new versions of skype!
    I don’t care if the old versions will be slow or unsafe one day – I’ll stick to 5.3 and enjoy the true skype smilies forever… (happy) (<- old version plz!)

    link to

    • Calin

      Thank you for that link, I just reinstalled 5.3

      The new smileys were creeping me out, I need to sleep at night, can’t afford to have all those maniacs staring at me in my IM window every time I talk to people 😀

  8. AverageJoe

    For years I used Skype older versions – for instance 3.8, just because of the emotions. Recently I had to preinstall my Windows but when I installed again the older version of Skype it didn’t work – it kept kicking me out and not staying logged in. So I HAD to install a new version. The moment I saw the new emoticons I uninstalled it and for the next four hours I fought with the old version making it work. But alas, it didn’t work – regrettably I had to install the new version of Skype. There was a pinch of relieve – I turned the emoticons off with hope that someone at Skype will make the right thing and give us back the old emoticons.

  9. Megan

    I’m fine with most of the new emoticons, but the ‘:P’ one is CREEPY. I really hate that one. :<

  10. ste

    Well I am still stuck to old version of Skype with good old emoticons.
    Yet I’ve found that in latest version, disabling animation in emoticons make tham a little more bearable.

    • Jayden

      The problem with that is that you think you are using the nice old ones, but your friend on the other side is seeing something totally different from you!

  11. Jayden

    I haaaaate the tongue icon : P

    It’s supposed to be a cheeky tongue, but now it’s this rude pokey tongue thing which has no relevance to 😛 at all.

    So annoying!!


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