Toronto Coffee Shops: Organic Deliciousness at Mylk Uncookies

Mylk Uncookies Lucuma Bites
 Mylk Uncookies delicious Lucuma Bites

Toronto certainly has no shortage of coffee shops set up on every corner. And navigating through them to find the one you want to return to again and again can seem next to impossible. Mylk Uncookies Espresso Boutique was a one-of-a-kind cafe located at 253 Gerrard Street East — just West of Parliament Street. The brand is owned and operated by two warm and friendly women, Elaine and Toni, who opened the cafe two years ago after moving to Toronto from Vancouver. Between the two of them and one helper they took care of everything at the shop — from baking the cookies, to making the drinks, to keeping the cafe clean and welcoming for their customers. Unfortunately, the cozy cafe closed its doors after this summer when Elaine and Toni decided to concentrate on the wholesale side of the business. But don't panic! You can still get your favourite treats, as the super delicious cookies are available at Holt Renfrew's cafe and Doward Dog Yoga Studio. There is also a possibility to order for private events and gatherings. Wishing them much success as they embark on the journey ahead.

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Yummy treats

Mylk Uncookies logo
Mylk Uncookies Coffee Shop

All the baked goods are made in house so they’re always fresh. Anyone with dietary restrictions who has ever gone into a chain such as Starbucks or Second Cup and been disappointed to find nothing they can eat will find great satisfaction at Mylk Uncookies. All their baked goods are vegan and gluten-free and there are raw options as well. A particular favorite is their vegan “uncheese” cake ($4.25). But it isn’t made all the time so if you happen to stop by when it’s there — don’t miss the opportunity! Weekends are your best shot at enjoying this rare treat. If you do miss it though, consider trying their bestseller, the eMpower cookie ($2.25). The options they offer in terms of baked goods remain relatively constant so for the most part you can count on finding your favorite each time you go in. But they also add seasonal items so expected to find some new flavors this fall!

Tasty drinks

All the beverages are made by hand when you order. Unlike other coffee shops that might pour coffee from a pot that’s been sitting there for up to an hour or serve “fresh” iced tea that’s been in the fridge all day, Mylk Uncookies does everything on the spot. If you prefer plain drip coffee to any other beverage, keep in mind that because everything there is freshly made, your best option is to try out an Americano (espresso shots with hot water added) instead ($2.70). But considering the espresso beans are organic and come from a customized blend, it isn’t a huge cross to bear. Their beans are a tasty one-of-a-kind mixture that’s roasted in small batched for the best quality possible. And you can get any of the drinks made with soy milk if you prefer.

Coffee Beans by Davidd
Coffee Beans by Davidd

Or if you want something truly unique, ask for your beverage to be created with their house-made almond milk. If you like it enough you can even order a glass or jug of the product to take home with you and use at your leisure. One drink you won’t want to miss out on trying is the truly Canadian Maple Latte (12 oz. is $4.00). Or if you aren’t a coffee person, try one of their many teas that vary from an Organic Matcha Tea Latte (12 oz. is $4.25) to a green tea with with ginger, lime and pink peppercorns called the Ginger Sparkle (12 oz. is $2.70). You can also get the teas iced if you need to cool off. And you can enjoy their beverages in white and blue mugs to stay or in a convenient cup to go.

A quiet place

Mylk Uncookies is the perfect place for anyone who prefers a calm and quiet atmosphere to the hustle and bustle of a packed cafe. The tables and chairs are crisp and white, as are the walls except for one that is painted a warm Tiffany blue. A few choice black and white photographs are worked into the white walls and elegant orbs are hung from the ceiling. The vintage espresso maker adds a quaint, old-fashioned feel to the space as do the menus written on chalkboards on the walls by the till. It maintains a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere at virtually all times of the day.

Mylk Uncookies coffee shop interior
Mylk Uncookies Interior

Customers come in and out regularly and also stay to enjoy catching up with friends, reading a good book or to get some work done. Extensive lines or having to wait for a seat in the clean, well-kept cafe are rare which will be a wonderful relief to anyone who has gotten stuck in an overly-crammed coffee shop. The music varies from positive and upbeat to quiet and relaxing and is played at a very comfortable volume. The cafe is well lit so you can work or read with ease. There is also free WiFi — just ask for the password and you’re good to go! And they even have a bookshelf with books, magazines and games that you are welcome to take advantage of.

Getting there

Before you head out, just keep in mind that Mylk Uncookies is cash only so make sure you have some on you or plan to stop by an ATM before arriving. Bike racks are located just outside the cafe and street parking is also available. Or you can take the College streetcar to Parliament and Gerrard and walk a minute or so West to the cafe which sits on the South side of Gerrard. Look for the light blue sign and expansive store-front window that make it stand out easily. With so many convenient ways to get there, there’s no reason not to give it a try!

Store hours:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Friday: 8 A.M. – 6 P.M.
Saturday: 9 A.M. – 5 P.M.
Sunday: 10 A.M. – 5 P.M.

Phone number: 416-276-3075

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