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Thinking about which restaurant to try tonight? I Love Toronto reviews the healthiest options in Toronto!

Eat Fit: Magic Oven

Magic Oven serves handcrafted, organic pizzas and pastas, ideal for the food conscious pizza lover. Not only do they give you locally grown, whole wheat, spelt and gluten-free options but the pizzas are absolutely delicious. At the Magic Oven, you don’t have to sacrifice taste for wholehearted healthy eating. Pizzas are made fresh, with an amazing combination of locally grown or organic toppings. The Double Hawaiian Magic, for example, is not your regular Hawaiian pizza. Topped with parma prosciutto and roasted …More
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Book Review: The 30-Day Vegan Challenge

To a beginner, being vegan even for 30 days can seem like an impossible task. But by the time you’ve finished reading Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s The 30-Day Vegan Challenge it may feel far more within your grasp. Unlike some books on veganism that toss around harsh words and violent images in order to scare you into adopting the diet, Patrick-Goudreau’s approach is far more practical. She recognizes that an individual’s hesitancy about adopting a vegan lifestyle isn’t as simple as whether …More
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Toronto’s Fine-Dining: Five Most Expensive Restaurants

by Alec Kinnear If you’d like to celebrate a special occasion or simply wish only the best of the best for you, your friends and family, our choice of Toronto’s most expensive restaurants could help you with your search. Although Toronto isn’t especially famous for its fine dining, you can be sure that these venues will satisfy even the most discerning gourmets. While it’s always questionable whether the price really matches the quality of service, you should still get ready for …More
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10 Superb Cookbooks for Beginners

Choosing the right cookbook as a beginner can seem intimidating. But there are plenty of good ones out there! Don’t be afraid to spend some time in the book store or at your local library flipping through those you’re considering. As a beginner you’ll want one with an explanatory guide, basic recipes, lots of photos and plenty of tips along the way. To help narrow down your selection process, check out these ten great options. 1. America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family …More
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Toronto Coffee Shops: Organic Deliciousness at Mylk Uncookies

Toronto certainly has no shortage of coffee shops set up on every corner. And navigating through them to find the one you want to return to again and again can seem next to impossible. Mylk Uncookies Espresso Boutique was a one-of-a-kind cafe located at 253 Gerrard Street East — just West of Parliament Street. The brand is owned and operated by two warm and friendly women, Elaine and Toni, who opened the cafe two years ago after moving to Toronto …More
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Changing the Food System: Fresh City Farms

Grocery shopping can be a daunting task, especially if you are the kind of person who likes eating fresh and healthily, but are limited by what the store has to offer. City living has its downfalls, and when it comes to having access to fresh food, being so far away from farms and rather immersed in industrial production is one of them. World trade gives us a lot of food options, but there are growing concerns on whether the …More
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Top Seven 24-hour Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto: a city with a lively, varied, and busy nightlife. With all the bars and clubs that serve partygoers from Bloor and Bathurst all the way down to King and John, it’s a bit surprising to find that we’re rather limited when it comes to 24-hour dining options. For example, though you can find plenty of Asian eateries open past 2am in Chinatown, such as Rol San, New Ho King, and Swatow, very few of them are open 24 hours. To …More
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The Guide To Healthier Fast Food in Toronto [INFOGRAPHIC]

Even though we all know how bad fast food is for our health, many of us still eat it on a regular basis. That’s probably because when we’re tired, pressed for time, or leaving a club at 3am, the ubiquitous and quick-serving chains with the big bright signs seem like the fastest, easiest way to fill our appetite. Convenience, speedy service, big portions, and greasy taste triumph in our moment of weakness over counting calories and measuring grams of fat, …More
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Hibiscus Café: Best Gluten Free Crêpes in Toronto

For anyone who’s not only vegetarian but also on a gluten-free diet, it’s a little tricky to find substitutes for delicious foods such as bread, soup, and ice cream. But fear not: Toronto is blessed with quite a few eateries that either specialize in gluten-free cuisine or offer some dishes free of gluten. This week, I present Hibiscus Café. Tucked away in Kensington Market, Hibiscus Café is a small restaurant that specializes in buckwheat crêpes and homemade desserts — both without …More
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Pi-Tom’s Review: Authentic Thai That Hits Home

Though a relatively new Thai restaurant in Toronto, Pi-Tom’s has quickly risen in popularity due to its authentic home-style fare. Unlike many other Thai eateries, the focus at Pi-Tom’s is not just on delivering spicy food (though it doesn’t lack for it), but a balance of spicy with sweet, salty, and sour flavours. Combined with its big menu, big portions, and relaxing atmosphere, this is a highly recommended eatery for Thai cuisine lovers or for a date. Décor Stepping inside Pi-Tom’s on …More
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