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Interesting places and spaces in Toronto.

Best Days Out With Children: Tommy Thompson Park

Toronto’s Birdliest Park With talk of climate change, species extinctions, faltering honey bees, and deforestation, it has never been more important to make the basics of ecology feel relevant and real for children. Making it fun wouldn’t hurt, either. So, where do you take your junior naturalists when they crave a bit of field work? It’s easy to make the gloomy assumption that all the really interesting places—the nature preserves full of exotic and endangered species—are well outside of Toronto, if not …More
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Yoga for Kids in Toronto

We have prepared a very special article for you that will guide you through the world of children’s yoga in Toronto.
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Best Alternative High Schools In Toronto

Not every child or adolescent learns and absorbs information the same way, and this is precisely why educational institutions labelled “alternative schools” have been incorporated into the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). There exist in the city numerous elementary and secondary alternative learning facilities that cater to a very specific crowd — students who require a more tailored, intimate, and specialized type of education in order to learn the same material that their peers are learning in more traditional institutions. There …More
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Photo Essay: Far Enough Farm

Located at Toronto’s picturesque Centre Island amusement park, Far Enough Farm has been a popular tourist spot since 1959, making it one of the oldest attractions in the city. Far Enough Farm is a longstanding Centre Island staple, says Tanya Kavcic, operations support officer in the General Manager’s Office at the Parks, Forestry and Recreation department of the City of Toronto. This is not just any petting zoo, either. This is a fully functioning farmyard that welcomes visitors — young and …More
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Best Days Out With Children: High Park

As a day out having fun with the kids, going to the park sounds rather dull and old-fashioned. It’s something Mary Poppins was supposed to do with the Banks children, before they went jumping in pavement pictures instead. But Mary Poppins didn’t have High Park to go to. Sandwiched between Bloor Street and the Queensway in the West End of Toronto, High Park’s 399 acres include forests, a couple of creeks, the ecologically significant black oak savanna, the Grenadier restaurant, and Grenadier …More
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Photo Essay: Ontario Science Centre

The Ontario Science Centre has been a fun part of Toronto’s history for several years. Many of the exhibitions change as technology advances, but one thing has always stayed the same: the Ontario Science Centre’s commitment to making learning fun. This definitely isn’t your average museum! Just outside the Weston Family Innovative Centre, where media tools and innovative activities like ‘So You Think You Can Fly’ encourage visitors to experiment. Crowds gather around an art installation called ‘Cloud’, by David Rokeby, in …More
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Photo Essay – Harbourfront Centre Skating Rink

The city’s most scenic rink is right behind the York Quay Centre and near the beautiful shoreline of Lake Ontario. The Natrel Rink has been an unparalleled skating destination in Toronto for 30 years. And it’s still for FREE! MEET THE PHOTOGRAPHER JOHN STEVEN FERNANDEZ (BORN 1990) This Toronto based photography student, currently studying at Seneca College of Applied Arts, was born and raised in Toronto from Chilean-born parents. Growing up, John would often visit Chile, and would document every moment of his trips, …More
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Best Toronto Kindergartens

Choosing the right daycare for your child is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make. It’s a decision that requires a lot of research and legwork. You wouldn’t just enrol your child in any old kindergarten and hope for the best, would you? No. You’d want to make sure that the facility is licensed, clean, and safe, with qualified staff working throughout.
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Must-Try Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Toronto

One day, you’re snapping photos of your entrée at your favourite trendy restaurant, and the next, you’re staying in, washing bibs and eating leftovers. Becoming a parent is wonderful, but it’s challenging. Staying in touch with Toronto’s restaurant trends is no longer your first priority. Luckily, Toronto has some fantastic restaurants for families large and small. These top picks feature restaurants with great food and family-friendly atmospheres that will make your life easier by satisfying your needs and your children’s. 1. …More
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Experience the Magical Waters of Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto

Click individual photos to enlarge and enter the full Lightbox Gallery. We are introducing a brand new series of Photo Essays! Have a look at amazing Photo Sets all shot by talented photographers. Explore the vibe of the city, its hidden treasures, meet the Torontonians! This time, let’s have a look at Toronto through the lens of Carlos Bolivar! The brand-new Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada finally opened to the public on October 16. This 12,500 square-metre extraordinary attraction is home to over …More
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