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Where to Find the Best Halloween Costumes in Toronto?

Now that we’ve fully entered the season of pumpkin spiced everything, it’s time to talk about Halloween. People who love the holiday know just how much fun it can be to transform into something or someone else, even if it is just for one night.
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Toronto’s Super Women: Teva Harrison

Teva Harrison is an artist, writer and cartoonist who provides a painfully honest, yet highly inspirational snapshot into the realities of her diagnosis with stage 4 breast cancer.
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The Best Baby Stores in Toronto – Updated!

We updated our list of the most wonderful baby stores in Toronto! The list has changed and we added brand new photos shot by Roland Shainidze! See the article here!
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12 Tips for the single woman looking to buy in Toronto

There has been a recent surge in what has been coined the “pink” mortgage—when a single woman buys a property on her own. Whether or not women are thrilled with the traditional pink for “girls” and blue for “boys” descriptor, women are changing the face of real estate. Over the past several years the real estate market has become increasingly “rosy” with solitary women coming in second only to married couples as the largest home purchasing demographic. Barbara Stewart, CFA is …More
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The Best Music Schools in the City of Toronto

Toronto has a large number of music schools and conservatories to help guide budding musicians in their journey.
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Bigger yards with playground equipment carry higher home insurance

Mike and Shelly were in for a pleasant surprise as they ran into a three-bedroom dwelling while searching for a house outside Toronto. The place was not only within their budget but also carried a bonus of a sizeable playground with a set of swings and slides. A big yard attached to their house with play yard equipment would be ideal for their kids and could be the hangout place for their children’s friends, too. They also dreamt about organizing …More
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Best Toy Stores in Toronto

One of the best things about Toronto is the diversity. The same could be said of the most popular toy stores scattered throughout the city.
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Best Health Apps to Look Up for You and Your Family!

This article will introduce top health apps that will help you diagnose your medical condition, fight anxiety, keep your diet in order, and more.
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Toronto Christmas Tree Guide

No Canadian can imagine the festive season without the wonderful smell of a real Christmas tree full of decorations. Check out our guide to Christmas trees in Toronto to find out more!
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The Best Baby Stores in Toronto

Are you expecting a baby and exploring stores looking for some useful items? Or your friend has a newborn baby or a little kid and you’re looking for both lovely and practical gift?Than look no further, and check out our list of some of the best baby stores in Toronto!   Diaper-eez Baby on the Hip  Ella+Elliot Marlene’s Just Babies Balafant Boutik Bumbleberry Kids …More
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