Canada Immigration Guide for Americans

Many Americans have visited the Great White North – if only to check out the Horseshoe Falls, which frankly kick the figurative butt of Niagara Falls’ U.S. side. In years past, when the Canadian dollar was so low that Americans came to Canada not just for maple syrup but to get married on the cheap, we have enjoyed a massive influx of tourists. But now, it seems, more and more Americans are coming to Canada to stay.

For these Yanks-turned-Canucks, making the transition to living in a foreign country may be easy. We’re not that different; after all, we have Starbucks everywhere, just like you. On the other hand, it’s the subtle differences that get you: yes, we love fast food, but no, we don’t eat biscuits with it. Biscuits are cookies here.

All differences aside, we are sure you will love relocating to Canada. What’s important is to be prepared for life in this great constitutional monarchy we call home. To help you get all your ducks in a row, here’s what you need to know about working, home ownership, and gaining access to Canada’s superb social system.

Interesting fact: Americans call everywhere in Canada, Canada. Whether they went sightseeing in Toronto, one of the world’s biggest metropolises, or hiked the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, for a hunting trip… they will tell their friends that they just got back from Canada and it was great.

Cabot Trail Nova Scotia by gLangille
Cabot Trail Nova Scotia by Gavin Langille

Top 10 Reasons Americans Want to Live & Work in Canada

Why an American would like to emigrate to Canada?

How To Work in Canada

What is required to start working in Canada? How do you find a career? What is a SIN card? Find out everything you need to know about working in Canada.

How To Buy or Rent a Home in Canada

If you consider renting or buying a home in Canada, here are all the basics about Canadian real estate.

Healthcare & Life in Canada

Canadian publicly funded program Medicare provides health insurance for all Canadian citizens. How can non-residents apply for health insurance coverage?

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